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The 3 Top Cryptocurrencies Are Dropping Why?

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Today’s price action in the wide world of cryptocurrencies has been broadly negative. Indeed, when the three largest tokens by market capitalization — Bitcoin ( BTC -5.67% ), Ethereum ( ETH -7.73% ) and Binance Coin ( BNB -5.90% ) [As of 14th December 2021] The overall crypto market was down 3.6% over the past day, driven largely by these moves. The other leading cryptocurrencies are […]

New York Coin launching this week, Mayor-Elect Eric Adams gives his blessing

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“We’re glad to welcome you to the global home of Web3!” said crypto-friendly Mayor-elect Eric Adams in response to CityCoins’ roll out of the NYCCoin this week. The NYCCoin is set to launch on Nov. 11 with the community-led proposal endorsed by New York City’s Mayor-elect Eric Adams. The NY-focused cryptocurrency is being launched by […]