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Monetizing your Crypto Content as a Blogger or Influencer.

Monetizing your Crypto Content as a Blogger or Influencer.

Many have been trying to hop on to the crypto blogging industry lately. With so many people looking to learn about the various coins and invest it’s a great time to grab one of your favorite cryptocurrency WordPress themes and build your own blog. But a surprising number of those who have already built a website or blog dedicated to cryptocurrencies have no clue how or why to monetize your cryptocurrency WordPress site.

What are your options?

While there are surely an infinite number of ways to make money with WordPress, we’re going to focus on key monetization strategies specifically for those interested in cryptocurrencies. Don’t you worry that this list has only four items, when you manage to press the right leverages you’ll be able to reach substantial income and perhaps even quit that 9 to 5 job.

So here the easiest ways to monetize your cryptocurrency WordPress site:

  • affiliate programs
  • website and mobile ads
  • google adsense
  • guest posts

These are the four monetization pillars every cryptocurrency website owner needs to keep in mind and rely on.

Affiliate Programs

Right now there’s a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges where people can convert cash into cryptos, and each of these exchanges has an affiliate program where you can register and deliver leads to the exchange you’re interested in.

Here are 25 common exchanges cryptocurrency investors use that you may want to consider:

  1. etoro.com
  2. cryptogo.com
  3. www.binance.com
  4. 24option.com
  5. localbitcoins.com
  6. coinbase.com
  7. xcoins.io
  8. cex.io
  9. changelly.com
  10. paxful.com
  11. coinmama.com
  12. kraken.com
  13. poloniex.com
  14. gemini.com
  15. blockchain.info
  16. coinexchange.io
  17. bitcoin.de
  18. bithumb.com
  19. coinatmradar.com
  20. bit-z.com
  21. bitso.com
  22. bitpanda.com
  23. quadrigacx.com
  24. gate.io
  25. coincheck.com
  26. and so on…

It’s funny, but this is just a small list of exchanges that were created recently, but it’s a good place to start. Always read the fine print and agreement terms to find programs you trust.

If you are new to affiliate programs they work as follows: someone visits your website where they find helpful cryptocurrency information or a review of an exchange from the list above, you include your special referral link (it contains your affiliate id) in the article, if the person reading clicks on your link and spends some cash you will get a money reward (or an “affiliate commission”). This is a great way to general passive income from your website. Just be sure to follow the laws of your country/city and disclose that you are using affiliate links in your content accordingly.

Website & Mobile Ads

Website ads can be separated into several types. You can either add code to your website to display ads based on the network you’re using and the user’s online experience, or sell advertisement space on your website where site and product owners can place their ads (with your approval).

Google AdSense

The most popular and trustworthy option is the Google AdSense advertisement network. Using it is pretty easy if you follow our Google Adsense for WordPress guide. But basically all you need to do is:

  • Register an account
  • Get it approved
  • Add banner code to some widget areas on your website

The system will show users personified ads based on their online experience, and every time someone hits a banner ad you’ll get a monetary reward for that. Some folks manage to get more than thousands per month from AdSense only.

Guest Posts

And finally, we’ve reached the last point of this piece: the guest posts. This is the easiest type of monetization, but it 100% depends on the amount of traffic your website gets. The bigger your monthly amount of sessions is, the higher the price tag you can charge for a single post.

Blogs with 30K sessions per month can charge at least $100 per blog post, possibly more depending on their authority in their niche. If you want to build a steady guest posting income stream you need to make sure you have enough traffic to attract bloggers and site owners. Be diligent about creating quality content and make sure you’re active on social media to build up your site.

Don’t forget to create a page and add it either to footer or main, so your visitors could easily find out your readiness to accept guest posts.

Always remember that the Mainstream brands are engaging with NFTs

As crypto has grown outside the remit of institutional support, early adopters have found innovative ways to build business models that work for them. Yet, it cannot be stressed enough that crypto is a fast-moving space. The NFT and other token-based markets are currently feeling the effects of market volatility. And the NFT market is undergoing a much-publicized slump.

Yet, 57% of the online merchant businesses we surveyed say they have issued NFTs. Big-name brands that have done so include H&M, Nike, Burberry, Budweiser, Coca-Cola and many, many more. Use-cases have ranged from the sale of digital goods (for use in virtual spaces) and loyalty schemes to mere publicity stunts and opportunistic revenue streams. As the very infrastructure (and some of the power balance) of the digital economy shifts with the emergence of Web3 and blockchain technology, merchants will need to add thought and value if they are to stay relevant.

It is a lesson to be learned for entry and exit in the Crypto Blog and Crypto Affiliations alike. There exists a huge potential for development in terms of Crypto Blogs and Affiliate Programs, but it all boils down to the fact how many relevant reference links you keep posting so that Customer is assured of quality service and you earn a commission.

Marketing has a unique role to play for the cryptocurrency segment. Hence, it is important to have a resonating presence in the market via various tools stated hereinabove to build a unique and influential Crypto brand.
Don’t just build on your reputation, build recognition.
Don’t just focus on earning commission, earn impressions.