Is Coding An Important Skill For Children?


With technology on the rise, many have asked if coding is a necessary skill to learn for the kids. 

Getting all children to code at school has been a widespread controversy for the tech industry for some time now. Many within the technology sector have been strongly encouraging and supporting for coding to be inculcated into the curriculum for years, and it has found advocates from some of the biggest names in business, from Microsoft to Google. There are also many technological skills that the school has yet to implement.

In this post, we will discuss just why it is that so many people are refusing the idea that children should be learning to code and is this an important skill that all children should pick up?



Practically, one simple reason why businesses are keen on coding to be taught during the curriculum is that the business leaders are complaining about the skills gap that is existing where there is a lack of fresh graduates qualified enough to fill the job positions that are available in tech companies. With technology developing at such a fast rate, where the jobs that our children will take in the future when they join the workforce is non-existent. This uncertainty is one that we cannot foresee. However, one thing for sure that would be important in the years to come is the skill of coding. 



If you think that coding is just for future developers, think again. Coding is actually an amazing way to bring out your child’s creativity. You can also be an educator that is specialised in coding. Doing that does not necessarily mean that all your students will become future developers. Coding is just like building blocks, where you can decide how you want to build it. It paves the way to a world of opportunity and creativity for your kids.



With the reasons stated in this article, I would say that it is a “Yes”. It would be good to teach children the basics of coding. Currently, in the UK, children at the aged of five are learning the skills that are similar to coding. Yes, you might think that it’s too far stretched and your kids might actually have a career that has absolutely nothing to do with coding. But we can never be certain about the future, especially with jobs slowly taken away by AI. Therefore, it is beneficial if the children could learn the foundations of it but the advanced aspects can be left out unless they are willing and they can carry on to pursue it. 


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