How Has The Digital Tool Impacted Our Kids’ Grammar


We cannot deny the fact that the entrance of technology and digital tools has made a huge impact on our lives. Realised it or not, it has changed the way we consume media from the business industry like marketing to how our children are learning. It is so much easier, faster and convenient. But is it really that good?

There is a saying too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Research has been done to test the children’s literacy standard. Many might wonder about the correlation between grammar and the digital world. However, there it is all related. Children will still need to learn how to read and write. These factors will determine their skills and level of employment.



Digital and any other relevant skills are considered as the new basics to be able to succeed in the workplace. But the old basics such as writing, reading and grammar are still very important. As much as the new basics are taught, we should never forego the roots. 

New employees are constantly being complained about due to the lack of grammar as well as communication skills. Yet many have also backed up with reasons that this is due to the overuse of digital devices. The old basics are still needed as it is still required when you submit a resume, send emails or even for an application letter. Bad grammar might result in your business or company to be in a negative image.

Therefore, as much as the digital tool can be useful, we should always still have a balance between both and not lose the essence of the old basic.


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