Has the digital age ruined the elements of childhood?

Our children and teens are tormented by dangerously high rates of depression, self-injurious cutting, and other serious emotional problems. This generation’s suffering because of the hopeless and menacing cyberworld they inhabit, elementary schoolers are cyberbullied on social media, teens scroll through grisly photos of self-mutilation online. This digital immersion cuts them off from needed family connections.
Even though teens may be in the same room with their parents, thanks to their phones, they might also be immersed in a painful emotional tangle with dozens of their classmates. Or they’re looking at other people’s lives on Instagram and feeling self-loathing (or worse). Or they’re caught up in a discussion about suicide with a bunch of people on the other side of the country they’ve never even met via an app that most adults have never heard of.

Social media, video games, and the like offer a convenient babysitter for today’s parents who work longer hours than those of decades past. The teens today are known as “digital natives,” claiming they’re tech experts because they have grown up surrounded by and using computers, video games, digital music players, video cams, cell phones, and all the other toys and tools of the digital age. Watching a preteen flip through a tablet or a teen multitask on a phone can seem to confirm the notion that kids are tech whizzes who need little guidance.

Teenagers today are highly sensation-seeking which makes them therefore notoriously bad at limiting their own use of seductive entertainment technologies. In contrast, the more developed prefrontal cortices of parents, teachers, and other caring adults help youth grasp what they cannot alone: how kids’ tendency to overuse playtime technologies is likely to erode their bonds with family, damage emotional health, hinder academic success, and increase the risk of developing a tech addiction. Parents, teachers, and other adult caregivers must therefore provide children and teenagers with strong guidance on tech.

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