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BTC demand is keeping up with increasing activity from whales this week

crypto whales

Bitcoin (BTC) is still seeing a supply squeeze despite a significant uptick in whale selling on exchanges this week. As confirmed by on-chain monitoring resource CryptoQuant on Nov. 5, whales have accounted for the vast majority of selling pressure in recent days. Whale coins find a new home A familiar event but with curious timing — large-volume holders […]

The Metaverse, will it be a decentralized haven?

meta and crypto

Facebook rebranded to Meta and announced its plans to kickstart the development of the Metaverse — an entirely new way of interacting and navigating the internet. Now, the Metaverse landscape has a multi-billion dollar corporate behemoth vying for the helm, which has made its future all the more uncertain. Whether we like it or not, major […]