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Why is it important to have a good mentor?

A mentor “is someone that has experience in a certain situation (whether that be in work or life) that provides guidance, support and motivation to someone in need of guidance, support and motivation,” Effective mentorship can be a vehicle toward success — people interested in exploring mentorship should consider the following questions that ultimately promote […]

Your spending should reflect your values

Your personal values will often dictate your spending decisions and money management. Here’s an example of what I mean: I personally don’t like to eat fast food, but I do like to eat quality food. I’m unwilling to lower the quality of my food in order to save money. This is a value for me. […]

Slow Market & Stuck in job limbo? Here’s how to make yourself more hireable.

I would like to dedicate this post to my dear crypto friends out there who have been making money through trading and at the same time hustling in between jobs to make sure they make enough for the year. So we all know that the job search can be stressful and time-consuming, but it can […]

A Green Week for Crypto, Bulls are ready for April 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) saw a fresh spike to near $45,000 overnight into March 27 as the weekend looked set to deliver a decisively bullish close. While still within its extended trading range with $46,000 as its ceiling, the pair was still firmly on the radar of long-term traders as the weekly close drew near, this being […]

Russia Sanctions Will Encourage More To Utilize The Benefits Of Crypto

Europe is at war while Russia in an economic chokehold. The United States is experiencing its highest inflation in 40 years and it’s likely to get worse. Currency and equity markets are gripped by a scale of volatility unseen in years. The status quo of the traditional geopolitical order faces a crisis. And commodities are […]

Crypto Vs Sanctions

Cryptocurrencies may help Russia and its billionaires blunt the impact of western sanctions. U.S. President Joe Biden said Thursday he has authorized “strong sanctions” in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These aim to limit its ability to do business in dollars and other major international currencies, and include penalties on five Russian banks that represent […]

Amber Gets Temasek’s Funding at $3 Billion Value

Singaporean state investment firm Temasek was among investors in a funding round that valued cryptocurrency-trading platform Amber Group at US$3 billion, just weeks after the city-state cracked down on marketing by crypto firms. Existing shareholders including Sequoia China, Pantera Capital and Tiger Global Management also took part in the US$200 million financing, Singapore-based Amber said […]

The Millennials have more faith in Crypto

As of 2021, more Millennials are investing heavily in crypto, and younger generations are hopping on to the bandwagon as well, researchers are expecting a crypto boom in 2022. Data shows that Millennials in the United States are flocking to alternative financing methods such as crypto assets to boost their financial well-being. A report titled The State of […]

JP Morgan & The Metaverse

J.P. Morgan opened up an “Onyx lounge” in the metaverse on Tuesday, a virtual lounge in the blockchain-based world of Decentraland ($MANA) Within Decentraland, users can buy virtual plots of land in the form of NFTs and make purchases using cryptocurrency backed by the Ethereum blockchain. Users have described their experience in the Onyx lounge […]

Metaverse tokens are going up while Zuckerberg’s Meta dropped drastically

Decentralized Metaverse tokens have made steady gains this week, despite a dump in the stock price of Meta Platforms. Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, saw the largest single-day slide in market value for a U.S. company ever with a 26% fall in share prices on Thursday after the tech giant revealed disappointing earnings […]