5 Important Tech Parenting Questions

We have to acknowledge that as parents, the importance in understanding the role of technology within our family, comes along with knowing what questions to ask and how to answer.

With that in mind, here are 5 important tech parenting questions parents should ask themselves, all of which you can find answers to, along with lots more helpful information, on families.google.

How can I keep my kids safe on the Internet? Safety is a huge concern for parents, and that’s no surprise. Kids can easily access all sorts of questionable content, as well as questionable people (or vice versa), with just a few clicks. From conversations about cyberbullying to understanding what kids could potentially be seeing or interacting with, it’s important for you to explore what safety looks like for your family, and continue to reevaluate that on a regular basis.

Do I know what applications and games my kids are playing? You may be surprised at the number of apps and games your kids are playing that you don’t know anything about. As they are quick to adopt new technology, whether it’s something that was recommended by a friend, or something they discovered on their own. It’s imperative that you know exactly what your kids are doing on the web, as well as what apps they’re using so you can not only have a better understanding of potential safety issues, but also stay connected with them in an emotional and mental sense.

What parental controls should I be using? Speaking of safety, one way parents can help manage their kids’ online and device usage is through parental controls. But knowing what’s available to you and which are right for your family can be a bit overwhelming. Once you have a sense of what apps and games your children are playing, as well as what sites they’re visiting, you will have a better idea of what controls you need to be using, and how many limits you need to be setting.

How can I best use technology to support my child’s education? We’ve all had a crash course in the power of technology and education this past year, but as we see our kids go back to school, in some cases full-time, we’ll want to have an understanding of how we can support their transition back to school, as well as their classroom learning — on and offline — through tech.

What are some positive ways my family can connect through technology?  We’re often bogged down by the challenges that tech gives us that we forget it’s a wonderful way for us to connect with our kids and meet them where they are. Whether it’s watching a movie, playing an online game together, or discovering activities you can do together offline (just to name a few), keep a list of ways your family can bond through technology.

I highly recommend that parents should consider utilizing technology to improve their child’s communication.
If you feel that your child can learn the art of conversation and improve her communication skills effectively through technology, then look for audio & visual aid. With platforms like Youtube and Tiktok showing conversations, interviews and sharing. Influencing your child to understand and learn how to initiate conversation, modulate pitch of voice during different situations; maintain politeness while talking to others and most importantly, how to take the conversation forward without offending the other party.

The quality of learning and sharing with your child, will gradually help you to understand the trending topics and help them feel your concern and sincerity of being part of their lives. We have to always keep in mind that not only their friends are influencing them but eventually the online content made by society plays a critical role as well.