Parenting in the digital age is not about limiting your child’s internet exposure

There has never been such a book in the industry!

Expect summarized and informative chapters, that will help you to understand the importance of developing the mentality of tech parenting. There will also be activity sheets available for your child to reflect about their online discovery, to help you understand about their perspective and challenges faced online.

Here’s a breakdown of 6 out of 17 Chapters within this book!

  • Social media wellness
  • Benefits of social media
  • Cyber bullying education
  • Dangers of sexting
  • Handling your child’s objection
  • Social Anxiety Management
“The management of your child’s participation in the digital world is part of the modern life transformation that brings in a new chapter called Tech Parenting.”  –  Z a c h d e v


*Comes with E-book and Audiobook

Let us help you analyze your child’s current situation and provide some relevant recommendations to help you observe your child’s behavior. At the same time, we will update you on trending topics which may act as an excellent conversation starter with your child!

    Audio Samples

    *Expectations Chapter

    * Social Media Usage Chapter

    * Cyber Bullying Chapter

    Book Reviews

    “This is an enormously valuable book for parents looking for guidance and wisdom in having healthy family life that involves technology. It’s a book about the soul work inherent in family life,  and how engagement in technology affects the souls of family members. I will certainly go back and re-read and refer to it in the years to come as our tweens become teens.”
    “We’re learning more and more about the massive and rapid technological changes taking place right under our noses every day. And we suspect these changes are impacting us in subtle and unseen ways. We feel like we can’t concentrate like we used to. Our memory doesn’t seem as good as it once was. Our kids seem hyper all the time, and we can’t imagine taking them to a restaurant without a device to keep them quiet. My words really cannot do this book justice. It’s beautiful, practical, accessible, and timely. How is technology shaping them right now? What is the Tech* way of parenting? This book can go a long way in helping you answer those questions.”

    “Most books about technology seem to just tell you why you and your child shouldn’t have  too much screen time, which is all good and true. But this book does an  amazing job of helping us fill in the gaps that are created when  we eliminate a lot of screen time. You can’t just take things away from kids, you have to fill their time and their imaginations with new,  better things! It’s hard, and we haven’t done it perfectly, but we are  trying every day to raise productive, creative, hard-working children who know how to DO REAL THINGS and not just watch other people do them.  Totally appreciate the activity sheets!  Thank you, Zachdev, this is a wonderful book!”

    “I can’t say enough about this book. It is right on point about what technology is doing to us and our children. And then the best part is that he gives SOLUTIONS!  There are things to try and implement in our homes that will help us put technology in it’s proper place. We have put many of these practices in place in our home, and  I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to get rid of the negative effects of technology and put it back as the positive source for good it should be.  This book opens up an opportunity to understand your child better!”
    “What I appreciated most about this book is that it’s about so much more than technology. Not that it doesn’t get practical, but as a parent of young kids I realize that I need so much more than a screen-time limit or a set age to get my kid a smartphone.  I need a framework, overarching goals. This book helped me to develop those. Impressively, it’s also concise and summarized, which is helpful for busy parents!”

    “As a parent, it is recommended to start guiding and showing them progressively on how they can safely use these devices, ethically participate online and safely view the right content.”

    Who Is Zachdev?

    Zachdev is a Social Media Researcher from Singapore, who is also known as Paul Benedict Zachariah. Zachdev graduated from the Murdoch University of Western Australia with a degree in Communication and Media studies.

    After serving his time in the military, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in starting up a social media research agency called Zachdev Services. He collaborated with a few digital media experts to study and decode the algorithms of various social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok.

    In 2019, Zachdev was part of the (ICCS) International Crypto Currency Studies team where he worked with a specialized group of researchers to better understand the Fintech industry and culture of crypto investment. Zach was also previously involved in a private edutainment research project with one of the Director’s from Explorer Junior, called Creative Resource. Zachdev was also previously working at Teledirect Singapore, as a Marketing Algorithm Expert for one of the ongoing projects with Facebook.

    Together with industry experts like Vincent Oct from Australia, Kai Sebastian from Taiwan and Sarah Megan from New Zealand, Zachdev services have successfully expanded its operations into the America, Oceania and ASEAN region.

    As of 2020 January, it operates with a strong team of 35, with about 350 resellers and over 18000 clients worldwide. Zachdev Services has developed the Engagement IPad System that allows him to work closely with Cafes, Gyms, Malls, Spas and many other retail platforms. This Engagement IPad System was created to allow organic engagement and boosting as it consists of a reward point structure that benefits the consumers as well.

    This year 2020, Zachdev has been working closely with the relevant industry professionals to create a wholesome and informative book on Tech Parenting which highly emphasizes on the importance of Cyber Wellness as well.

    His contribution still remains as an Advisor for Zachdev Services.
    Since October 2020, Zachdev also started a private cryptocurrency research team to study and understand about how the implementation of Ethereum 2.0 and development of DeFi tokens can improve future transactions.

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      Paul has shown his entrepreneurial attributes early during his study years. He led his team in solving the problems faced by students who need guidance from the tutor as and when. His strong analytic ability and willingness to learn have propelled him to start his businesses and achieve the success of today. Have a chat with him and you will discover how much he can assist you in your business growth.

      Paul Benedict is truly passionate and dedicated with his work. He is very professional and knowledgeable in areas of digital marketing and social branding. Because of his expertise my business has scaled to a greater level. I highly recommend people to engage him. Especially those who are in midst of considering his services, do take a look at my brand testimony of how his strategies and work has proven to be successful.

      Paul is one of the smartest guys I know… because he works harder than anyone else, makes smart decisions, and is willing to take calculated risks from his forward thinking mindset. I would recommend hiring Paul for your business if you want it to reach the level of success you are striving for.

      I worked with Paul a few months back, and my mind was blown. From teaching Instagram growth hacking strategies, demonstrating internet marketing tactics, and hosting several learning challenges, Paul has an enormous, in-depth understanding of online marketing. As one of the go-to influencers in the game, Paul not only helped me grow as a marketer, he helped and continues to help others realize the power of online marketing.

      Paul is a true professional. He was very efficient and swift in responding to any of my queries and provided a tailored-approach to my situation. He demonstrated repeated excellence in social media strategies and was a pleasure to work with. He has a team of high caliber individuals that provided us a valuable solution that meets our social media goals and guidelines. Paul is always extremely personable providing exemplary customer service!

      Paul, is a very committed and hard-working professional. He value added into my business plan, business strategy as well as branding and I have found his experience invaluable. He has worked with me on engagements with intense pressure and always brings positivity to our team. I have enjoyed working with Paul and look forward to working with him again.

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      It was such a challenging journey for me. I had to deal with minor eczema all my life and recently started on steroid withdrawals as well. After my secondary education in Montfort, I studied at the local technical college and majored in retail and events management.
      Thankfully I did well enough to get a chance at Nanyang Polytechnic for a diploma in hospitality and tourism. I spent 2 years in the military and pursued a degree in communications at Murdoch University. I’ve worked and interned at several companies. Gradually, with my exposure and understanding of the industry, I started Zachdev Services.